What to Charge in Your Business

There is a myth amongst biz owners that selling or even *gasp* wanting a lot of money in exchange for your work is somehow greedy or rude. That's bullsh*t.

I remember all the times I undercharged because I didn't think I was good enough to ask for a decent price. I wound up exhausted and resentful because all the energy I poured into this work wasn't sustaining me.

I was frustrated and stuck...because I knew there was so much more inside my business that's was waiting to come up for air.

So …

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Unpopular Opinion: Social Media Followers are NOT the Goal

More social media followers doesn't necessarily equal more sales in your small business. 💰 Here's the truth 👇⁣⁣

More followers CAN'T benefit your business if:⁣⁣

You don't have a content creation routine⁣⁣ that makes sense
Your content isn't inspiring, educational or entertaining⁣⁣
Your offers aren't what your audience needs⁣
You're scared of selling⁣


More followers CAN benefit you if:⁣⁣

You are selling a low-ticket item or membership and you need a higher number of sales to meet your …

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