Trauma-Informed 1:1 Business Coaching

Have you been dreaming about selling out your offers without constantly fighting the fear that you’re doing it wrong?


How many times does WHAT DO I DO FIRST echo in your head each week?


It's so fcking rude that a sense of safety in your business sometimes translates to paralysis, that your progress needs permission from some unseen force just outside our reach.

So you scramble, desperately filling the silence with frantic busywork  - creating a new website page  or signing up for yet another certification because this will make people believe what you already know - that your work is brilliant and they should pay you for it.

Spoiler alert: This isn’t “getting things done.” This is avoidance.

That ache for validation exists because you haven't yet created a business you trust. Stop panic switching from one fix to another when these aren't the things that really move the needle. 

Entrepreneurship, visibility, experimentation...these will all feel like success the more you stumble, revise and repeat the process.

Quit tricking yourself into fake productivity. If you’re ready for someone to interrupt the loud inner critic that’s keeping you from moving forward, you’re in the right place.


You should hire me as your business coach because I want you to trust you're not a one hit wonder.


  • Doesn’t expect you to feel 100% safe being visible
  • Challenges you to experiment, play, and pivot
  • Believes meal prep and vacations are legitimate parts of a launch strategy
  • Doesn’t expect you to timeblock a rigid schedule
  • Commits to helping you find your unique recipe for success





WHAT IF...instead of watching another 3 TIPS post on IG finally validated your experience and vocalized what you already know to be true? What if you witnessed these deep truths stop thumbs and drop jaws?

Because let's be honest: More TikTok tips aren't making your audience tell their friends they're obsessed with you over brunch or open your newsletter to ponder if today's the day they finally buy.

I'm not saying I don't love a good educational post. But if all your entire online presence is educating them about X instead of moving them to buy...That's not enough. Followers do not = money in the bank. SALES = money in the bank.

You teach your nervous system that more is safe by doing more. You teach your nervous system that imperfect is safe by making a mess.

Unearthing what YOU stand for, the impact YOU want to have, the life YOU want to live is exactly why I approach coaching through a human-centered, trauma-informed lens.⁣

There's NOTHING wrong with you. You just aren't meant to be a clone. You have endless creativity. You’re willing to look at things differently. Let’s give all your ideas, inspiration and creativity a place to land.




1:1 trauma-informed coaching includes:

  1. BLUEPRINT An individualized pathway to your goals - one that works with your and not against you. Lay out what's working, what you've been putting off, and what you want to bring to light.
  2. POTENT POSITIONING Uncover the deep motivating forces behind your business & share your potent message. Learn skills to better articulate the world you're inviting folks into.
  3. SALES Create custom strategies you can rinse and repeat for long-term revenue and launches. Finding gaps in your sales strategy so we can find opportunities for upsells, downsells and repeat purchases.
  4. MARKETING & SOCIAL Bulletproof your messaging to hit with your ready to buy audience, and establish your routine for creating. Plus caption prompts and done-for-you captions you can reuse forever.

Stop contorting your ideas into what you think other people want to hear.⁣ Your creativity deserves more respect than that.


This isn’t your first rodeo. You know what marketing looks like. You know you're really good at what you do. But you take one look at your never ending to-do list and feel that familiar sense of overwhelm or avoidance.

You want to do it right so bad that you overthink so hard you go into a freeze state, or jump around pivoting to some other “productive” thing that feels easier.

You don’t need to panic launch a shiny new offer. You need the next push.


Forget the shiny allure of starting a new Instagram profile, the siren song of another "perfect" idea. You already have something incredible in your hands - a foundation laid, a story unfolding, a spark waiting to ignite. Don't let the noise of comparison convince you the answer lies in frenetically starting a new *thing* that's going finally get you the results you deserve this time.

The magic isn't in a brand new beginning; it's pushing forward to the bold next step of your existing journey. It's the courage to move past the fear, the self-doubt, the voices whispering "not good enough."

Your next audacious leap will propel you beyond your comfort zone and into the fertile ground of growth. Ready?




Are you ready to let courage lead you into a new story?

Business is not a 2D, surface level thing. It’s a process of deep exploration and discovery. Dancing in the unknown and choosing the unknown over and over again.

You don’t need to bypass your humanity to build a business you trust. You DO need to get brave and commit to discomfort.

It’s time to hone in on the sales and marketing strategies that actually move the needle. If you’re ready to nurture the curiosity inside of you, then we just might be a perfect fit.

 Let's paint a new picture for what's possible for your biz this year:. .

  • You're solidly articulating your work so your audience GETS why it absolutely kicks ass
  • You have a thorough understanding of who the ideal client is for each offer or product you sell
  •  You trust your sales & marketing sells consistently
  •  You're not afraid to send that extra email reminding people to sign up next time you launch
  • You're embracing a sustainable pace of growth - pushing it because you have it in you or pulling back when you need

Time to push and explore because you know you have it in you

I became a business owner because my body knew so deep that there was more to life than waking up,fighting anxiety during my morning commute, sitting for 8+ hours chained to a desk, clocking out, dissociating on screens for the rest of the night, waking up and doing it all over again.

I was done making someone else’s dream come true. It was my time. Is it yours?



Trauma-informed guidance & support, created to transform your business.

After you submit your application, you'll hear from me within 1-2 business days. We can connect further on through email or Instagram DMs. Ask any questions you have about the coaching package you're interested in and we'll chat about any other concerns you have.

6 Month Coaching


Per Month

Longterm trauma-sensitive guidance so you stay on track and accountable

Bulletproof your brand's story, values and uniqueness so you stand tf out

Establish standout offers, launches & selling strategies

Easily create bingeworthy social content with all my templates, worksheets and resources

12x 60-min coaching sessions

24 weeks of unlimited Voxer video, audio & text support

Lifetime access to ALL programs & courses


Most popular

3 Month Coaching


per month

Establish your story, values and expertise

Outline your offers, product suite & launches so repeat sales happen with ease

Complete social media strategy with rinse & repeat content systems

6x 60-min coaching sessions

12 weeks of unlimited Voxer video, audio & text support

3m access to all programs & courses




90-minute Intensives


One time

A punchy 1:1 strategy session. Walk away with a customized & clear plan of action ⁣to support your specific business goals⁣. 

This is for you if you want to:
(Pick 2 of for your session)
- Outline your vision and goals
- Gain clarity on your brand messaging and target audience
- Establish your sales and lead gen strategy
- Develop a profitable product suite
- Bulletproof your social content & growth plans



what happens when you dont do business your way

What happens when you don't do business your way: 

  • You stop showing up consistently on social, you stop sending emails, you overthink or avoid.
  • You get paralyzed trying to find the "right" way to launch, sell or market - everyone's saying their way is THE way
  • You sign up for even more certifications or credentials so you can finally feel ready after this course
  • You don't have an organized action plan that feels like you can actually get it done.. (Your long, detailed to-do list isn't an action plan.)
  • You don't give your nervous system space to inform you & guide you
  • You think that next thing you learn is going to fix things. For real this time.



Longterm coaching was created to support you in honing in on your messaging, finetuning your brilliant offers and selling to a highly qualified community. 🚀

Whether it's something big like a new launch, or small like a TikTok story. I've got your back.

Is it that you can’t afford it or that you’re scared of the investment? I know it can be scary to make this kind of decision, but I want you to look back at a moment where you were able to access bravery.

Why couldn't you do it again this time? Take the risk. The only person whose feelings you're hurting by not doing so IS YOURSELF. 👏

How would you feel if next year you were in the exact same place that you're in now?

You're actually wasting more of your time hand-wringing and doom scrolling vs. building routines & shortcuts for creating content that jumps off the screen and does the selling FOR YOU.

There will never be a perfect time to do something that puts you outside of your comfort zone. It’s SO hard telling yourself you should get uncomfortable vs. continuing to do the same damn thing.

But it's worth it, because if what you were doing wouldn't still be reading this.


What My 1:1 Clients Are Saying

  • Fi is amazing! She's so kind and supportive, you can truly tell she wants your bid to succeed. She’ll give you the hard truths in a gentle way. She goes out of her way to provide helpful resources you didn’t even know you needed. Fi helped me overcome the overwhelm!

    Nicole, 3 Month Client


  • I already refer you lol! I tell them Fi is a great coach to help you create a great business strategy for more sales, building relationships with clients, branding and social media engagement. I have gotten more subscribers, seen consistent sales coming in.

    Sither, 6 Week Client

    Tarot Reader & Spiritual Coach

  • If you’re feeling lost or alone in running your business, Fi will make you feel heard and show you how your vision is possible. I felt more confident in my offering and also I’m now able to talk to other business owners about how my services can benefit them.

    Brady, 6 Week Client

    Social Media Manager