Unpopular Opinion: Social Media Followers are NOT the Goal

Blog Followers are NOT the goal

When you type “how to get more followers on IG” into Google, you’ll get 189m articles, hacks, reports and gimmicks that guarantee...⁣⁣more followers = more sales. 💰 Here's the truth 👇⁣⁣

More followers CAN'T benefit your business if:⁣⁣

  • You don't have a content creation routine⁣⁣ that makes sense
  • Your content isn't inspiring, educational or entertaining⁣⁣
  • Your offers aren't what your audience needs⁣
  • You're scared of selling⁣


More followers CAN benefit you if:⁣⁣

You are selling a low-ticket item or membership and you need a higher number of sales to meet your revenue goal.⁣⁣

In both cases, to actually CONVERT these people into buyers 💸💸💸⁣⁣ you'll need a sustainable sales strategy that honors your lived experience.

This is exactly what we'll cover in private coaching. Four 1:1 coaching spots are open now. 👏 Though it's fully customizable, your 1:1 coaching could look like this:

  • PLANNING & GOAL SETTING According to your lived experience and capacity.
  • BRANDING Clarifying your message so your business takes on a clear, impactful presence.
  • SALES Creating custom strategies you can rinse and repeat for long-term revenue. Finding gaps in your sales strategy so we can find opportunities for upsells, downsells and repeat purchases.
  • MARKETING & SOCIAL Realistic content strategy systems, con tent prompts and a plug and play system that makes it easy (Launching is covered in detail in 6 month and 3 month coaching.)⁣⁣

We're going WAY BEYOND Instagram, baby. ⁣⁣Click here for more info.


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