Content Machine

I know you’re tired of pouring your time and energy into content that doesn’t get eyes or attention - just to see your competitor with dozens of OMG, I can’t wait to work with you! comments.

CONTENT MACHINE is a 5-week hybrid group coaching program to create irresistible content that makes your audience crave your offers - in a fraction of the time.

Yes, content creation is a vital part of your business. But if you’re still pretending to *use the bathroom* at dinner because your mind is set on finishing a social post that'll get 7 likes instead of the plate of lasagna in front of you, that is not sustainable and that BS ends now. We start July 17th.


Short lessons, personalized coaching and time-saving templates to turn your audience from scrolling on by ➡️ hot and ready to buy in 5 weeks.

Because it’s 2024 and we’re saying HELL NO to…

💩 Bathroom breaks to anxiously open Instagram

🍣 Restless story reviews while in line at the deli

🚘 Panicked newsletter revisions in the back of the Uber

35 days of proven strategies that transform casual followers into red-hot, ready to buy fans - without muting your authenticity or overcomplicating your current workflow. The plug + play templates ALONE are built to save you 4-5 hours per month. Creatively streamline, strategize & get it done. 👏



  • 4 short & sweet weekly content strategy modules

  • 1 Live Q&A group coaching session (with recording) to give you instant solutions with exact steps

  • 1:1 support from me throughout the entire program via Whatsapp

  • A supportive community of other unconventional entrepreneurs
  • Copy/Paste template for your 30 days of AI-powered content done in 10 minutes

  • Done for you captions

  • Thumb-stopping content hooks

  • Lifetime access to all course materials

  • Covering email marketing, Instagram, TikTok and more.


  • WEEK 1: Welcome: Intentions, Offers & Client | Content Hooks  - Making agreements with yourself, why excluding people is a good thing, how to refine your content to speak directly to your buyer.

  • WEEK 2: The Nuts & Bolts of Kickass Content  - Learn the psychology that takes someone from initial intrigue -> to the final sale. Setting up a realistic, sustainable posting schedule. Reviewing content formats & types.

  • WEEK 3: Integration Week | Live Q&A call - Deep support to answer any and all your content marketing questions in real time.

  • WEEK 4: TERIFfic Content Strategy | Done For You Captions - A clear framework to keep your audience interested, inspired, and ready to buy. Combine thought leadership, education and relatable human stories to build trust & connection while inspiring action.

  • WEEK 5: 30 Day Content Plan | Content Plan Spreadsheet & AI Prompts - Translate the TERIFfic strategy from Module 3 into a straightforward content plan in 10 minutes with the help of AI. Exactly what/where/when/how to post


  • Wed. July 17 - Module 1 drops (pre-recorded)

  • Wed. July 24 - Module 2 drops (pre-recorded)

  • Wed. July 31 - Integration Week - Live Q&A @7pm EST

  • Wed. Aug 7 -  Module 3 drops (pre-recorded)

  • Wed. Aug 14 - Module 4 drops (pre-recorded)

  • Wed. Aug 21 - Last day in Whatsapp group forum; submit Qs by 12pm EST


Your work is brilliant, and it ought to be paying you more. But you still wonder if you have what it takes to be as successful as the industry leaders that show up on your feed and in your inbox every day.

It's time to believe in your thoughts and words as much as you've doubted them.

What would it be like it you speaking your truth to call in aligned clients rather than fronting and performing to attract folks that aren’t even right for you?



  • You're bitterly groaning while you scroll because those clients that should be YOURS seem to be obsessed with your competition!
  • You roll your eyes at *yet another* IG reel claiming "This one thing 6x my engagement!!!”
  • You launch incredible offers, only to be met with radio silence. Your open rate is low and your likes are in the single digits.
  • You feel like a desperate salesperson, begging for attention. It's exhausting!


  • You'll ditch the "spray and pray" approach and laser-focus on what truly keeps your audience engaged, entertained, and ready to buy.
  • You’ll leverage AI to build out a month of detailed content in just 10 minutes, no overwhelm or exhaustion necessary.
  • You'll apply sales psychology to craft irresistible content tailored to your audience's buyer journey.
  • You'll get daily notifications from folks engaging with your content: opening your emails, liking your posts, and reaching out for more info
  • You'll have a simple, daily actions to establish your expertise, build trust, and warm up your audience for consistent sales.
  • Your content expresses what you really want to say without worrying so much about hurting feelings



Is this program live or prerecorded?
Both! The 4 modules are pre-recorded and will be dropped in the group forum every Wed during weeks 1, 2, 4, and 5. Week 3 is an implementation week; we are doing a live Q&A Zoom call this week. This calls will be recorded and emailed within 48 hours.

What can I ask in the Whatsapp group chat?
I am in your pocket for 5 weeks - ask me anything relating to your content! You can ask things like: "Here's my latest IG reel flexing my thought leadership. What do you think of the hook, video text and caption?" "How do I take this newsletter and break it up into a carousel post?" "What's a good current/trending audio for a transition video for TikTok?"

What's the live Q&A call like?
This call is on Wed, July 31st at 7pm EST and will last as long as we need to go - prob 60-90 min. I'll guide you through a short breathing exercise to ground the body and support your focus. Then we will begin with a thought of the day and go into the Q&A.

You can ask things like: Can you clarify this portion of the module? Can you walk me through how to apply this strategy for my product business? Can you give me an example of a hook for X? You can have your video on or off, move around, snack, or do anything else to make yourself comfortable during the calls.​

What happens when I click BUY?
On the sales page, you can pick your pricing option that includes pay in full, a 2 payment plan, and a 3 payment plan. (There is no extra charge for payment plans.) Once you settle up, you will get an email in your inbox that has our schedule for the 5 weeks, the zoom link for the live Q&A coaching call and a link to join the back end of my website for access to the modules. Every Wed, you'll watch the weekly module, use the frameworks and templates, and submit questions or content to audit in the Whatsapp chat as needed.

What makes Content Machine different from other programs?
10 years of raising hell doing marketing, I know one of my absolute zones of genius is guiding you to finding the words and visuals for the intuitive feelings you have about your brilliant work, and how to pull out the right message that compels your client to think, Yes, that's for me!

In addition to flexible frameworks and expert advice, you also get a community to support you in celebrating your creativity and building more radical trust in yourself and the way you express your brilliant work.

Of course the point is to attract and nurture your right & ready clients through your content. I don't only want you to stop thumbs; I want you to keep them watching and warm them up for the sale. In CM, we will also care for our nervous systems so we are resourced to do the joyous work of putting our businesses in front of more eyes.



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