My Launch Failed. Twice in a Row. Here's What I learned.

my launch failed twice in a row

Epic Fail - A Story of My First Launch

This one is never easy for me to share...But here goes...

My first launch ever didn't exactly go as planned in Dec of 2020. I was promoting my 8-week group coaching program, Connection Catalyst, and it started off AMAZING.

47 people in my masterclass - woah!! 🥳🥳🥳 8 people on the waitlist - okay!!

It was going to be epic. It was going to be exciting! It was going to change lives!

It was FAIL. And then in Aug of AGAIN. 🤪

Cue the existential crisis:
Am I even good at this?
If people don't like me, does that mean I'm dog shit on a cracker?
Do people even want to grow their businesses?? Are they just not motivated to work hard?!

I even made a reel about it - gory details here.

What I learned

Failure happens, and it STINGS. I mean, it really SUCKS ASS. But it was up to me to determine this failed launch didn't equal I'M A BAD COACH or I SUCK, I QUIT.

See, maybe it’s in the fcking it up where you find clarity. Understanding your calling doesn’t happen by doing things perfectly, or even well. Maybe it’s in the stumbles, in the licking of your wounds, in the brushing the dirt off yet again where you’ll find your answer.

See, the real beauty is in asking - I'm afraid, but how long am I going to let this define me? I'm downtrodden, but how long am I going to let this wound control my decision making? (A friend asked me these Qs today, and I know, they're infuriating.)

Entrepreneurship is complex - which means YOU GET TO BE BOTH. you get to build strategy AND express creatively.

You get to sell directly AND present it in a way that actually makes sense for you.

Where to go after failure

It all starts with YOU making a decision to look at the map of your business and say, "There's something worth unearthing over there. This time I'll take a left instead of a right."

What bones of your business haven't you yet brought into the light? What are you still digging for?

If you’re curious to excavate what else 2023 can hold for you, I just opened up 2 spots open for 1:1 coaching! 




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