How Trauma Informed Are We Really?

how trauma informed are we really

"Trauma" isn't just a new buzzword -it's been a buzzword for quite some time now. (which is so crazy that folks are using trauma as a means for attention, marketing and social capital, but...more on that another day..)

If you're someone who has followed any individual who calls themselves "trauma informed" or if you're someone who has themselves done trauma informed's time to ask, How trauma informed are we really?

For me, being trauma mindful or trauma sensitive (these two phrases are interchangeable for me) means I hold space for others to 1) have their own process while building a business, and 2) regulate their own nervous system. Those two are my priorities. It also means I have lots of choice, consent and nuance in my marketing and sales strategies. Here are 3 things I would never say as a trauma mindful business coach:

1. “If you wanted it, you'd invest!" While shame and manipulation work really well in getting people to take's unethical. Let people have their own process and make their own decisions.

2. “This is a safe space.” As much as I'd love for everyone, that crosses my path feel safety within their body, I cannot decide that for others. Trust is something that's built together over time, it's not somethiing that's decided by just one person.

3. “Are you an [X]? You should buy my [Y.]” Are you an entrepreneur? You should buy my thing! I've heard this a ton on social. Sorry to say, if your sales messaging is this simple, you're leaving money on the table. 🙊 Don't just tell people WHAT they should buy...tell them WHY!

I want you to know it's your damn right to feel sustained, deepen your connections and deliver the unique experience your clients crave. YOU get to discover what's for you. We can team up to help you get there. I would love to support you in bringing your whole self to your business (and selling out your damn offers while we're at it.). One-on-one coaching starts at $866/m and I have 2 spots open until Feb 28th.


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