Is Keeping Yourself Busy a Trauma Response? Here's my story.

Blog Is staying busy a trauma response

I used to love being SO busy - working full time PLUS teaching 3-4 yoga classes per week plus never-ending education, networking, and outside "fun" stuff that my old boss would have us to without pay.🫠

Looking back, I was ABSOLUTELY in a trauma response. I was ABSOLUTELY in chronic fight or flight mode. I was ABSOLUTELY subscribing to the belief that if I just broke my body for my work, I would finally be worthy.

No wonder I had to take a medical leave of absence. No wonder my body broke down. No wonder I would wake up numb from the neck down.

One of the biggest lessons that I've learned in the past 3 years is HOW to be gentle, sympathetic and myself.⁣ ☝️Becoming an entrepreneur allowed me to nurture my relationship with rest in ways I never thought possible. Rest now feels safe enough in my body to indulge in. Slowing down doesn't feel foreign or unfamiliar. It actually feels so damn good.

My daily work from home routine goes something like this:⁣

🌅 Sunlight and journaling
☕ Coffee coffee coffee & protein
🖱️ Adaptive soft keyboard & mouse for reduced impact on my joints⁣
👩🏽‍💻 Self-massage or movement

Here's what I'm still working on to help regulate my nervous system:
🥬 Trying to eat 3 square meals a day (ADHD folks - you get it)
😴 Going to bed before midnight

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe rest doesn't feel familiar to you either right now. Or maybe just the thought of a full day's work in your business makes you want to nap for 3 days.

It's the time of year to consider - What would new, sustainable pathways to profit look like for you this year? If you could nurture your business as much as your nervous system, how would that play out?

Because running a business that's built to last requires nervous system regulation. And this is exactly what we'll cover in private coaching. Four 1:1 coaching spots are open now. 👏 Though it's fully customizable, your 1:1 coaching could look like this:

  1. GOAL SETTING: We establish your business goals & put together a step by step plan for reaching them. This includes integrating healthy habits into your typical work day.
  2. BRANDING: We uncover the deep motivating forces behind your business & share your potent message. Many of my clients have shared this work is a deep, spiritual process in which you establish an intimate relationship with your purpose.
  3. SALES & MARKETING: We create a custom sales strategy you can rinse & repeat for longterm revenue. Then we establish messaging around each offer so you can articulate WHO each offer is for and WHAT results or benefits you can see from each.
  4. SOCIAL & CONTENT STRATEGY: We bulletproof your social strategy with caption prompts and a time saving plug-and-play system you can reuse forever.

Each 1:1 session starts with a short grounding and breathwork check-in to get your brain and body online, plus resources to help you breathe, reorient, and work through limiting beliefs. Click here for more info.


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