I'm Now a Trauma Informed Business Coach (Officially)

trauma informed business coach

I've been discussing the concept of BRAVERY in my content lately, and one of the ways I see bravery is being direct, so here goes:

I am now Fi Simler, TRAUMA-INFORMED Business Coach. No more "trauma mindful" or "trauma sensitive." This title change felt like the last piece of the I'm no longer making myself small of watering myself down puzzle I've been assembling this year.

Even though I've been studying trauma and how to hold trauma informed space since 2017, it took me 2+ years to get here as an entrepreneur. Part of it was knowing I could benefit from further study, part of it was the fact that any yahoo on the internet can slap the label "trauma informed" on their brand to be trendy 😤, and part of it, if I'm being honest, was imposter syndrome.

Well, I've officially outgrown trauma sensitive/mindful. I'm not just sensitive or aware of trauma and how it impacts my clients; my deep understanding of trauma and how it affects how people move through the world, show up on social, launch their offers and sell their products is at the core of my coaching.

ANNOUNCING: I'm now taking 1:1 clients for June! I would love nothing more than to support you in align your business with how you move through the world so you can stack some more 000s in your bank account.

Everything in the 3-month and 6-month programs revolve around YOUR needs. In addition to establishing your *iconic* marketing and sales strategies, we'll roll up our sleeves for a bird's eye view at your business.


If you're dying to launch that new offer...
I have email prompts, social content and guides for launches that will turn your content -> into conversions

If you're a scaling and nurturing your audience...
We'll concentrate on community building and engaging your following as well as promoting your founding offers

If you're feeling burnt out or stuck...
You have me for 12 or 24 weeks for whatever you need in between or 1:1 calls. If you need me to walk you through something, feedback on a webpage, advice on how to have a sales convo, etc. M-F from 9am-5pm, you have my full access.


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