Why Discomfort is Good for You as a Creative Entrepreneur

Blog Why Discomfort is Good for You as an Entrepreneur

Creativity (like business) demands that we ask ourselves these brutally honest questions:

How uncomfortable am I willing to get? Is discomfort good for you?

Creativity asks us to let go of the results, expectations and end product and simply enjoy the process. Create for creation's sake. Fill your soul with your ability to conceptualize and make. Period.

Because my god, when we first start anything, it immediately becomes about results and success. WHAT IF WE CHALLENGED THAT?

What if you viewed your business like an artwork instead of like a money making activity?

Give yourself permission to reflect the creative, expressive person you truly are - and your unique way of working.

Building a brand is about so much more than making money (I mean, OF COURSE we want to make money, of course,) But it’s also about loyalty, enthusiasm and unrelenting devotion.

This determination and tenacity allows you to shrug when that new thing you try is a 3/10. It doesn’t mean you suck. It means you tried.

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