What determines profitability for a business? It's not what you think.

What determines profitability for a business?

This is not a "3 tips to get more clients" blog post. Entrepreneurship is MORE than just 3 TIPS FOR X.

One of the real tickets to profitability is the ability to explore your internal landscape and discover your deep truths.

These deep truths help CHECK YOU when you're doing 3749519 things besides the things that ACTUALLY GENERATE REVENUE for your business.

The REAL ticket is self regulate. It helps you increase your capacity to CREATE 🎨🎨🎨 EARN 💰💰💰 and MAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS 🧠

This is why I talk about nervous system regulation and intersectionality as much as I talk about sales and business strategies.

This week, ask yourself this:

Is what I'm doing actually MOVING THE NEEDLE? Are my actions aligning with my values? If not, what do I need?

This is exactly why I help entrepreneurs nurture this curiosity inside of themselves. Move sustainably between intuition and strategy - without bypassing your humanity - that's one of the strongest foundations for a business that's built to last.

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