Shadow Work to Heal | What it can teach us as entrepreneurs

A message to my inner critic

My 2023 word of the year for my business is: REIMAGINE.

I want to step into my power, create for the sake of it, connect deeply to myself and others, protect my energy, empower my community, feel proud and sexy in my skin, accept my flaws, hold my traumas with compassion, forgive myself, make lots of fucking money, fuck the system, and laugh til I fall off my chair. ⁣

Of course, all this optimism doesn't come without a healthy dose of shadow work...
Shadow work is hard. Shadow work is painful. Shame and grief will come up as you excavate and work to accept the parts of yourself that you keep deeply hidden.
But as an entrepreneur, you can use shadow work to let go and upcouple your worth from the work you produce. After doing this prickly work, I now know I am so much more than how many words I write, how many TikToks I create, or how much I earn.

So here's a compassionate message to my inner mean girl:⁣
Thank you for helping me do good work. Thank you for helping me push myself and for helping me always do better. Thank you for helping me perform, because performance has always contributed to my self-worth. ⁣

But I no longer need to perform for anyone in order to have self-worth. I no longer need a reason to love myself or feel worthy. I’ve learned that now. I’ve dug down deep where limitless self-love was lying dormant for a very long time. We can make peace now.⁣

How are you reimagining your world in 2023?⁣ Drop a comment below or send me a DM and tell me!


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