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Every call will begin with breathwork to ground the body & nervous system.⁣

  • WEEK 1: Ideal Client Attraction
    It's time to think beyond demographics! Get a comprehensive understanding of characteristics, identities, & goals - beyond the basics - so you can stand out from the noise with mic drop moments.
  • WEEK 2: Mindful Messaging
    Craft messaging around each of your offers - this is the sharp language that compels your audience to buy!
  • WEEK 3: Marketing Methods
    Your marketing strategies are what take people from not knowing you exist 👉 to purchasing and recommending your biz. Build out this process so you can have FUN showing up, nurturing your ideal client, and driving repeat sales.
  • WEEK 4: Q + A Hot Seat Call
    Come with any questions or comments and I’ll answer in this small group setting. Ask me anything!
  • WEEK 5: Getting Granular
    Folks who are taking in our content are doing 10 other things while scrolling. Break it down into tiny bites so people can actually retain and connect with what you're saying! 
  • WEEK 6: Kickass Social Sales
    Learn rinse and repeat methods so your socials add some zeroes to your account. We'll cover Instagram, Instagram Stories and TikTok.